July 30, 2008
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Releases Wasatch SoftRIP Version 6.4

July 30, 2008—Salt Lake City, UT—Wasatch Computer Technology continues to revolutionize the production of color separations for screen, flexo, and litho printing with its release of SoftRIP Version 6.4. This latest upgrade to Wasatch's industry-leading RIP software includes a brand new feature for its SP Edition that enables users to compute their own Wasatch Precision Rosette Screens®.

Version 6.4 also includes new screens specific to the flexo industry, Press Curves, output to Tiff files, and 64-bit support.

Custom Rosettes

SoftRIP SP now enables users to compute their own Wasatch Precision Rosette Screens®. This provides increased flexibility on angles, lpi, and dot shape, and the ability to support a greater variety of imagesetting devices. New screens specific to the flexo industry have also been added.

Press Curves

SoftRIP SP includes capabilities for modifying separations to compensate for the print conditions of the final output device. The Press Curve controls offer the power to linearize the press or to produce other press behaviors. Press Curves allow for two-stage calibrations that are common in pre-press workflows and with a single setting, the pre-defined curves produce separations for punching contrast or highlights on the press.

The calibration and linearization utility is compatible with the industry’s major densitometers. Capabilities are included for linearizing film positives or easily converting to negative linearizations for use with flexography processes.

Output to Tiff

Users can support an even wider range of devices that allow for Tiff input with this new feature that makes Wasatch compatible with a very wide range of output devices. Together with the new flexibility in Wasatch Precision Rosette Screens, this innovation extends SoftRIP SP's separations capabilities to the offset and flexography industries with the simplicity and price point associated with inkjet RIPs.

64-Bit Support

This release provides full compatibility with 64-bit versions of both Windows® XP® and Windows® Vista®. Users will benefit from the powerful features that a 64-bit system provides while utilizing the simple setup, intuitive workflow, and powerful print controls that SoftRIP is known for.

About Wasatch Computer Technology

Wasatch Computer Technology, LLC, headquartered in Salt Lake City, is a leading developer of RIP and print management solutions for wide-format digital printing, screen separations, photographic, giclée, and other specialized processes in the digital printing markets.

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