Barcode driven workflows are a simple way to streamline even the most complicated production processes. Using SoftRIP's barcode annotations or barcode pull feature will allow you to control and track every step of your workflow.

Creating a barcode driven workflow takes the guess work out of your production process. For example, barcodes will allow you to track orders, eliminate errors, and connect orders with a shipping address.

Barcode Annotations

Printing barcode annotations can be done with a click of a button and are a great addition to existing Hot Folder workflows. This feature will print a barcode and file name alongside every job. Plus, there's an option to turn annotation mirroring on and off for those printing for dye sublimation.

Barcode Annotations

Barcode Pull

The barcode pull feature in SoftRIP is ideal for processes that won't allow a barcode to be printed in the margin of a print that will be trimmed away later, for instance when printing direct-to-garment. This workflow is easy to manage. For example, an operator standing in front of the printer has a work order in his hand that contains a barcode. He scans the barcode and that action causes the correct print to be produced in SoftRIP. Once the print is completed, he places the work order and the print together for processing. An example of a work order may look like this.

The barcode pull feature and many other workflow features are available in Wasatch's Automation Option, giving a user unlimited flexibility with their workflow.

Barcode Workflows in Wasatch SoftRIP

SoftRIP's versatile barcode features are easy to implement and can be customized to fit any production workflow, making the benefits of using a barcode driven workflow endless!

  • Take control of complicated workflows or workflows handling a large number of orders
  • Barcode annotations are associated with the file name, making it easy to manage
  • Use with Wasatch SoftRIP's Hot Folders for a seamless workflow
  • Increase production time and reduce errors
  • For dye sublimation workflows, there's an option to "Never Mirror" your barcode annotation
  • Implement the barcode pull feature using Wasatch's Automation Option*

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