Direct-to-textile printing requires precision and color expertise. That's why Wasatch Computer Technology has teamed up with a long-time trusted partner and creator of a revolutionary textile software, ColorBlend. ColorBlend's specialty tools will allow a user to create colorways, precisely match spot colors, create textile-specific profiles, and much more.

ColorBlend was created by Dr. Luigi Carnelli, a color and textile industry expert with over 25 years of experience. Headquartered in Como, Italy, the heart of textile production, Dr. Carnelli gained experience that comes only from working directly with customers, learning their needs and creating software based on their feedback. Top textile companies have relied on ColorBlend for years and depend on the specialty tools for ultimate control of their output.


Creating and printing a colorway is common in traditional textile printing. A colorway defines one of several different combinations of colors and applies it to a pattern. ColorBlend makes it simple to create a variety of colorways by selecting colors in a color book or reading colors directly by a spectrophotometer. The colorways for a design can be displayed in a layout screen allowing the user to fully visualize the selected colors and quickly make changes as needed.


The colorway feature will make it incredibly easy to create hundreds of color variations from a single design.

Precise Color Control

ColorBlend's advanced color tools give the user complete control of their output. The color tools allow a user to work with a true color image or separated designs, and in various color modes.

The Color Matching feature allow a user to get an exact match. This is done by printing and scanning a set of color patches. ColorBlend will take this information and create an "ink recipe" directly from an LAB color. This method eliminates errors and helps achieve a precise color match.

ColorBlend Profiler

ColorBlend's profiling software was specifically designed for profiling on textile, but its versatile feature's means it will work well with most media. Many of the textile printers on the market include more than the standard CMYK configuration. Ink colors such as orange, blue, and green are added to increase the overall gamut. ColorBlend more accurately interprets the additional colors to produce a concise color profile. Also, when printing to textile, a higher saturation is typically desired. ColorBlend Profiler* automatically accommodates for this. By using ColorBlend's profiling tools, a user can create a profile that is more desirable in the textile field.

To review the service benefits available with the purchase of ColorBlend or ColorBlend Profiler and to download ColorBlend help documents, click here.

*ColorBlend Profiler is sold separately.

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