Wasatch RIPs are known for their superior image quality. Our award–winning Precision Stochastic Screens (PSS) have a 16-bit deep rendering pipeline that produces perfectly even gradations without stairstepping. Plus, since PSS is based on efficient algorithms developed exclusively by Wasatch, it's faster than other RIP methods.

Smooth Gradients

Wasatch Precision Stochastic Screens (PSS) raise fine art and photographic printing to a whole new level. Compared to other software RIP solutions, they provide superior tonal quantization by eliminating "stairstepping" or "rainbowing" in the printing of subtle gradations. They also improve the reproduction of all grays.

Recent updates to PSS combine the advantages of Error Diffusion with the full speed and other quality advantages already available. Color profiles are preserved, so all profiles made with earlier versions of PSS will continue to work accurately with this latest update.

without PSS

Severe tonal quantization without PSS

With PSS

Completely cured with PSS

Faster RIP Speed

The PSS halftone method not only improves image quality, but also improves throughput speed. Using PSS versus other RIP halftone methods increases RIP speed by 30% for variable– dot printers and more than 100% for fixed–dot printers.

A Wasatch Exclusive

Other RIPs offer rudimentary stochastic screening, and claim that they RIP as fast as SoftRIP. They don't tell you that their stochastic solution produces grainy, poor quality output. Only Wasatch PSS gives you both superior quality color and gradients, and faster speed. Compare PSS output with other RIPs using their Stochastic Screens. You will see the difference and be impressed with our quality. We guarantee it.

Profiling with PSS

Due to all these advantages, PSS is Wasatch's default halftoning method and is the halftoning used for new imaging configurations created at the Wasatch facility since May 2004. It is a major advance over previous methods and further extends Wasatch's edge in both speed and image quality.

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