With the variety of products that can be created with dye sublimation, it is not surprising that this printing category is growing in popularity. What is surprising is that so many buyers choose software that is not equipped with the specific capabilities that they need to really excel with this technology.

Trust Wasatch

Wasatch has been involved in the dye sub market for many years, and we have an in-depth understanding of what you need in a RIP to be successful. If you want to produce high quality dye sub output, and make a profit doing it, you've come to the right place.

The Best Quality Dye Sublimation Output

The core of a RIP is the halftone method - the mathematics that tell the printer where and how to lay down dots. With inkjet dye sublimation, there can be significant dot gain. This means that the ink dots expand in size after they are applied to the transfer paper. RIPs typically fail at producing high quality results when there is extreme dot gain.

SoftRIP has a solution. Our Precision Stochastic Screens (PSS) give you high quality output with smooth gradients with no stairstepping or rainbowing. Unlike other stochastic solutions, PSS is optimized to eliminate the graininess typically associated with this type of halftoning.

Stair-stepped gradients
Stair-stepped gradients from other RIPs

Completely cured with PSS

Easy Spot Color Control

Heat press variability makes is hard to make "canned" color profiles for dye sublimation. With SoftRIP, you can produce accurate spot colors even without a perfect profile. Use the Color Atlas Generator to print a range of colors similar to your desired hue and process the output to the final product. Select the spot color you want to see on the final product and enter the color values shown on the Atlas back into SoftRIP's spot color replacement tool. Color atlas gives you spot color confidence.

Prepare Files for Print Automatically

In dye sublimation, every image must be mirrored so that it will not appear "backwards" on the final product. Mirroring is critical, but easy to forget. With SoftRIP's hot folders, you can print directly to a folder that will automatically mirror, rotate, or resize every file it receives. You can even automate color processing by assigning color profiles to your hotfolders.

Create Customized Output

You can charge higher prices for popular dye sub products like sports jerseys, t-shirts, and promotional items by offering them with customization. With our optional Variable Data Printing add-on, you can increase your product offerings and beat your competition.

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