Tools for Automation

February 15, 2022

Wasatch automation features are divided into two parts, one part included with every license for Wasatch SoftRIP, and the other part included in the Wasatch Automation Option, which is available at extra cost. Every license includes simple hot folder processing. Every license includes the Port Redirector, for simple printing from Macs and other networked systems. Built-in servers for HTTP, FTP, and LPR network protocols can be used in various custom applications, most importantly, the Wasatch Automation Option.

The Wasatch Automation Option, at extra cost, includes the Wasatch API, and special features to allow automated control of specific physical printer settings. It is a powerful tool for system integrators using scripting languages such as PHP, Python, Node JS, and Ruby. The sample source code in this document demonstrates a variety of applications, using Wasatch SoftRIP's embedded Python interpreter.

Build scalable printer farms, customized variable data printing systems, simple point-of-sale printing tools, central control for large clusters of RIPs and printers, and web-based printing solutions. User interfaces may be located far from the RIP, on computers running any operating system, on smart phones or iPad's, and even on the Internet with appropriate security measures. Jobs can be submitted from across the building or across a continent, and multiple Wasatch SoftRIP systems can accept jobs from a central control point.