Precision Rosette Hybrid Screens

Wasatch Precision Rosette Screens have been fundamental to producing high-end separations on inkjet printers. Their freedom from rosette failures and tonal quantization problems on inkjets remains unmatched, while our support for hybridization with FM plates has been a powerful tool for control of moiré.

Wasatch Computer Technology offers another screening option that covers all the bases for state-of-the-art halftoning.

Precision Rosette Hybrid Screens

Wasatch's Precision Rosette Hybrid Screens transition from AM to FM methods at a minimum dot size. At densities above or below these thresholds, dots are held to that minimum size, and density is reproduced by removing dots in an FM or "stochastic" pattern. This is illustrated in the above gradient.

This technique can be used to eliminate the "highlight break" that occurs in screen and flexo printing due to physical issues with small dots. It is widely used to address similar issues in offset printing. It can also be used to eliminate "plugged holes" in the shadow areas of inkjet separations. To address both types of problems independently, Wasatch SoftRIP allows for the independent setting of the thresholds for highlights and shadows.

Precision Rosette Hybrid Screens

In the above illustration, a fairly large dot (74 microns) has been selected to eliminate "plugging holes" on an inkjet separation film, while a somewhat smaller dot has been selected to address the highlight break on press while producing a less "grainy" print than would occur with the shadow dot size.

This Hybrid method can be combined with the Rosette/Stochastic Hybrid method to address both minimum dot sizes and 15 -degree moiré simultaneously, producing a separation such as this:

Precision Rosette Hybrid Screens

Shortly after our release of Precision Rosette Hybrid Screens, we had some interesting conversations with Mark Coudray of Coudray Serigraphics. Mark is a well-known author, consultant, and speaker in the screen printing industry. He is particularly well-known for his expertise in quality halftoning, and we were pleased to learn that he was excited about this hybrid screening option.

Mark quickly taught us a few things. He explained that our technology delivers even more benefits than we'd realized, delivering improved highlight reproduction for all screen printing, spot color as well as process color.

Read Mark's full explanation here.


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