Wasatch SoftRIP Releases Version 7.6
July 9th, 2018 - Wasatch SoftRIP Version 7.6 introduces improvements to handling of spot color replacement, a new tool to create swatch books from a SoftRIP color database, and enhanced Automation Option. An improved installer imports printer settings automatically.

Wasatch SoftRIP Releases Version 7.5
September 18, 2017 - SoftRIP Version 7.5 introduces a new Thumbnail Browser that provides a visual alternative to searching RIP and Print Queues, a selection to import CIE Lab colors from CxF software such as PANTONE® Color Manager, the ability to drive up to eight printers from one SoftRIP license, and more exciting features that improve color workflow.

Personalized Photo Products Created Using Wasatch SoftRIP
April 25, 2017 - "I get great joy preserving memories for my clients," says Karen Gottschall, owner of Scenic Shutterbug. “There is no better way to do this than through the dye sublimation process." Using Wasatch SoftRIP, Scenic Shutterbug creates custom dye sublimation photo products for a loyal customer base.

Epson America Benefits from Wasatch Automation
March 8, 2017 - "The Automation feature worked great, was easy to setup, and really simplified our tradeshow booth demonstrations," comments Timothy Check, Product Manager at Epson America Inc. The Wasatch Automation demonstration at the Epson America booth during ISS Long Beach gave attendees an understanding how automating your workflow through Wasatch will increase efficiency, reduce errors, and streamline production while maintaining superior color quality.

Success Using Wasatch Automation Option
February 14, 2017- "The workflow is productive, reliable and very scalable, allowing us to seamlessly onboard new customers with ease and efficiency," comments John McPherson, print manager and technical director at Marco Fine Arts. Wasatch SoftRIP's easy to implement Automation Option streamlined Marco Fine Arts' direct-to-garment production from a few shirts an hour to substantial volumes per day.

Wasatch SoftRIP Releases Version 7.4
October 28, 2016- A new SoftRIP Label Edition, leading-edge workflow automation, and queue enhancements are included in Wasatch SoftRIP Version 7.4. This progressive release supports complex, fast-paced environments with our Automation Option and the growing digital label market with our simple-to-use Label Edition.

SoftRIP Label Edition Bundled with Epson ColorWorks Printers
October 28, 2016- The new Wasatch SoftRIP Label Edition is bundled with Epson ColorWorks® C7500 and 7500G/C7510G inkjet label printers in North America, South America, and Singapore. Wasatch SoftRIP Label Edition, with superior color management tools, and Epson ColorWorks series label printers are a perfect combination to create on-demand, full-color labels.

Fine Art Printing Specialist Uses SoftRIP to Create Masterpieces
September 27, 2016- “The highest quality output is very important,” explains Marcel Salome, founder of Re-Art, which is why he relies on Wasatch SoftRIP to produce color consistent and high-definition prints. Marcel uses the dye sublimation process on ChromaLuxe metal panels to create vibrant and durable pieces of art that will last a lifetime. As an internationally acclaimed digital printing company specializing in fine art reproduction, Re-Art takes pride in every print that leaves their building.

Wasatch Receives Two SGIA Product of the Year Awards
September 22, 2016- Wasatch Computer Technology, LLC is proud to announce that SoftRIP and SoftRIP TX have won 2016 SGIA's Product of the Year awards in the categories of "Roll-to-Roll Dye Sublimation on Textile for RIP Software" and "Roll-to-Roll Dye Sublimation on Metal for RIP Software." This is the second consecutive year Wasatch SoftRIP TX has won the "Roll-to-Roll Dye Sublimation on Textile for RIP Software" award.

Interior Textiles Created with Dye Sublimation Using Wasatch
September 20, 2016- 3G Holding, a predominant interior textile manufacturer, dye sublimates hospitality textiles for hotels, hospitals and nursing homes around the nation. They are well known in the industry for their quick turnaround, high-quality custom fabric prints. "I will use only Wasatch," says Kim Gordon, part-owner of 3G Holding. Dean and Kim Gordon, a husband and wife team, have been in the textile printing industry for 38 years.

Custom Soda Labels Benefit from SoftRIP's Workflow Features
August 29, 2016- Custom Soda Labels efficiently manages their growing business and the wide range of customer requests with SoftRIP's dynamic color and workflow features. "We have customers order as little as a dozen labels up to 6,000 labels," says John Southwick, General Manager of Custom Soda Labels. "Wasatch's color management tools and layout screen make it incredibly easy to print the wide range of orders we receive on a daily basis."

Small Business Flourishes Using Wasatch SoftRIP
July 27, 2016- A family owned business has successfully filled a niche market, staying busy with a constant stream of orders. "I can't afford to stop production which is why I rely on Wasatch's support when I come across an issue," comments Zaz Khan, owner of Fast Banners and Signs. "Wasatch's support team has never let me down and solves any problem I'm experiencing in the shortest period of time."

Customized Wallpaper Using Wasatch SoftRIP
March 23, 2016- Every year Wasatch's Marketing Department creates a large wall calendar that includes trade shows dates from around the world. This year the calendar was incorporated into a floor-to-ceiling nature-themed image that is 20 feet wide. The project turned out so well that we decided to continue the nature-themed wallpaper throughout the building.

Wasatch SoftRIP Releases Version 7.3
February 17, 2016- Barcode-driven workflow, support for image file formats used in direct-to-garment printing, and added management tools are some of the new features in Wasatch SoftRIP Version 7.3. No matter if you are running one copy of SoftRIP or twenty, this release will help increase productivity and profitability by giving you more control over your printing process.

Wasatch SoftRIP TX Takes Home SGIA’s Product of the Year Award
November 10, 2015- Wasatch Computer Technology, LLC is excited to announce that SoftRIP TX has won SGIA's 2015 Product of the Year award in the category of "Roll-to-Roll Dye Sublimation on Textile for RIP Software".

Leaders in Textile Printing Rely on Wasatch SoftRIP
October 2, 2015- Stamperia Di Martinengo is an acclaimed leader in the field of textile printing. For 40 years, they have produced fine fabrics for consumers worldwide. Using an MS Lario and Wasatch SoftRIP TX, they recently completed the longest print run to date – 98,000 meters (about 60 miles)! "We won't buy another printer unless it's supported by Wasatch," states Fabio Ferrari, CEO.

Custom Sportswear Made in the USA
September 22, 2015- Using Wasatch SoftRIP in their dye sublimation production, Borah Teamwear has grown their USA based business into a roaring success. "Wasatch is a workhorse. The software is dependable, functional, and consistent,” says Raven Stevenson, Production Manager. “ In fact, the best part of Wasatch is that I don't have to think about it. I know every time I print I will get the results I expect."

Wasatch SoftRIP Bundled with Epson SureColor® F9200, F7200, F6200 Printers
August 11, 2015- Wasatch Computer Technology is proud to announce that Epson is bundling Wasatch SoftRIP with Epson’s new SureColor® F9200, F7200 and F6200 roll-fed dye sublimation printers in North America, South America, Europe, Middle East, Russia, Japan, Africa, Singapore, and most of East Asia.

SoftRIP Prints Lanyards and Labels for SnugZ USA
April 2, 2015- SnugZ USA is the industry leader in the manufacturing of lanyards and has been awarded the #1 Lanyard Supplier in the industry. SnugZ has expanded in recent years and their product offerings now include personal care, beauty, and food products. "Wasatch is our RIP of choice because it is simple to use and we can be up and running with little or no downtime," says Darren Massey, Director of Manufacturing.

Wasatch SoftRIP Supports the Rochester Institute of Technology
February 23, 2015- For more than 10 years, Wasatch SoftRIP has been part of RIT's students color management education and vital to the success of projects for the photography, art, and design departments. SoftRIP is used in the university's primary printing lab that supports students from across the college.

Wasatch Releases SoftRIP Version 7.2
December 4, 2014- Wasatch SoftRIP Version 7.2 has new features and enhancements offering users more control and speed with textile printing, a new advanced halftoning method that improves image quality in fine art, additional options when printing Fotoba Marks, and improved capability with CHROMix Curve3 and the G7® calibration. Wasatch SoftRIP’s latest release incorporates greater flexibility and workflow options, no matter what your printing production entails.

Wasatch SoftRIP Bundled with Epson SureColor® SC-F6000 Printer in Europe, Middle East, and Africa
September 1, 2014- Wasatch SoftRIP will be bundled with the Epson SureColor® SC-F6000 roll-fed dye sublimation printer in Europe, Middle East, and Africa. With features tailored for the dye sublimation market, Wasatch SoftRIP provides a complete solution for the range of applications that can be supported by the Epson SureColor® SC-F6000® printer, including hard substrates, sportswear apparel, and soft signage.

SoftRIP Prints 3D Dye Sublimation
August 26, 2014- Wasatch SoftRIP's color management tools are necessary for Dlubak Powder Coating and Design's dye sublimation process. "SoftRIP has all the tools necessary for my workflow. Plus, I know when I click 'Print' in SoftRIP the file will reproduce accurately with color consistency throughout," comments Frank Dlubak, President.

The "Sistine Chapel of Rotterdam" and Wasatch SoftRIP
June 24, 2014- SoftRIP's solutions for dye sublimation printing, color consistency, and tiling features were necessary when TS Visuals sublimated 4,000 metal panels that are now the ceiling of the Rotterdam Market. "SoftRIP is reliable and gave us the tools we needed to print the desired color every time with no troubles," says Vincent Post, Commercial Advisor for TS Visuals.

Wasatch Releases SoftRIP Version 7.1
May 27, 2014- Wasatch SoftRIP Version 7.1 incorporates our latest improvements for high-speed parallel processing, the new Color Neighborhood Analyzer, enhanced support for direct-to-garment printing, and advanced customized production tools. Use Wasatch SoftRIP to run multiple printers in parallel with more speed and convenience than ever before!

SoftRIP Prints Textiles for the Arts
February 17, 2014- The Norwegian Opera & Ballet has achieved great success with Wasatch SoftRIP TX, producing rich vibrant colors on fine fabrics. "Wasatch SoftRIP and the d.gen Artrix GT printer give us more possibilities. We now can customize our costumes to exactly how we envision them,” says Kari Alette Baekkevold, the Head of Print and Dyeshop. SoftRIP’s powerful color tools and ease of use allow for complete control so their creative design is never compromised.